Tractor unit with silo trailer

The convenience of an axle load weighing system

You are instructed to load 33 tons of minerals at silo 23. If you load too much, blowback is required. If you are not loading enough, you need to top up. No doubt you know these kinds of examples from your own business. How do you address that?

When you load too little and need to top up your load, it takes extra time. In addition, you run the risk of getting back into a line. When you load too much, your client will not be happy about it either. The blown back product is no longer usable in the same quality category. And this too takes (a lot of) extra time.

So, to do this job properly and accurately, an accurate axle load weighing system would be helpful.

Wireless and accurate axle load weighing system

During loading of a silo trailer, you are often at the top of the manhole to control and direct the loading process. In this situation, it would be helpful if you could track the weight there. Then you can adjust for the right weight even faster and more accurately.

For this purpose, Golstein offers a wireless and accurate axle load weighing system that enables you to carry out this type of task without losing time. And — at least as important — with the right and/or maximum weight, in order to run everything smoothly and to give you maximum profit.

Would you like to make a quick calculation to see if a system could provide additional returns for you, too? Then use the attached calculation program. This allows you to quickly and easily understand the benefit, if any.

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