Light commercial vehicles

Light commercial vehicles with closed cargo area

It is quite handy to have everything with you in the service vehicle. You won’t miss that specific tool you are looking for. Quite handy, indeed. At the same time, your vehicle may have become much heavier over time. Maybe even too heavy.

Prevent the risk of overloading

If you load parcels, then of course you want to make the most of your cargo space, but it may well be that your vehicle has become far too heavy. It’s risky having an overloaded vehicle. The law specifies what your maximum weight may be – both total and per axle. Any idea how much your van/light commercial vehicle weighs? Total and per axle?

With a system from Golstein, you know the weight of your commercial vehicle, both total and per axle. The total weight may still be within the legal limit, for example, but in the meantime, your rear axle may be considerably overloaded with all the risks that this entails. By loading within the legal limits, you take responsibility for the safety of your drivers and his fellow road users. In addition, you avoid fines for overloading and discussions with insurers about whether or not to pay out in the event of damage or personal injury.

With an axle load weighing system, you know your vehicle is being properly utilized within legal limits.

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