Light commercial vehicle with open loading platform

Lichte bedrijfswagens, met open laadbak / pick-up

Do you have concerns — despite a relatively high dead weight — that you are loading your pickup to the maximum? That’s quite a challenge – especially without tools. There’s a high probability of overloading – either on the total weight or per axle. It carries risks when your vehicle is overloaded. The law specifies what your maximum weight may be – both total and per axle.

Responsibility for safety

Space is often not the problem but specific weight is. Do you want to maximize the use of your vehicle within the legal limits? With a system from Golstein, you know the weight of your commercial vehicle, both total and per axle. This enables you to reduce the risk of fines.

By loading within the legal limits, you take responsibility for the safety of your employees and their fellow road users. In addition, you will avoid discussions with the insuring party that may arise if an accident occurs at the time the vehicle is overloaded.

With an axle load weighing system from Golstein, you give your employees a tool that allows them to load within the legal limits and make optimal use of the vehicle.

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