Multi-axle tippers

Tippers: 3, 4, and 5 axles

Sometimes, it can be quite a challenge to make good use of the available load weight. And then also in such a way that the axle loads are well distributed. In particular, the utilization of the front axles sometimes proves difficult. In that case, a good and accurate axle load weighing system is of great value. But where can you find a system that also measures and weighs properly on leaf-sprung axles? At Golstein!

Insight with the wireless handheld

During loading, you monitor axle loads and total weight using the wireless handheld. With every container thrown in, you see what is happening and monitor the loading from container to container. On the clear display, you can see exactly where loading is taking place during the loading process and also adjust accordingly. This allows you to maximize the payload and axle loads. Download a free calculator to calculate your profit!

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