RDS Weighlog Alpha 10

Applicable to (compact) wheel loaders and telehandlers

  • Certainty that vehicles are loaded correctly
  • Increases safety by reducing transfers
  • Loads are traceable

Advanced on-board weighing system, suitable for all loading vehicles. The RDS Weighlog Alpha 10 is a user-friendly weighing system that uses the latest touchscreen technology. The system measures the hydraulic pressure in the lifting circuit to make an accurate calculation of the weight. The speed is also compensated in the process.


  • Accuracy of +/- 2% of load
  • User-friendly and intuitive system
  • Ability to weigh with 10 different pre-programmed attachments
  • Choice of automatic or manual addition of weights
  • Dynamic weighting during the lifting movement – the engine speed is compensated automatically
  • Static weighing at a preset height possible on some applications
  • Internal database for 30 clients and products
  • Internal database for 5 pre-programmed mixture recipes
  • Ability to extend the number of sensors (necessary for telehandlers with LS pump and larger wheel loaders)
  • Ability to connect an RDS printer
  • Ability to transfer data to a PC or laptop via SD card
  • Easy-to-read color touch screen on which all essential weighing data can be read, such as:
  • Net weight “container by container”
  • Total weight of several consecutive weighings
  • Remaining weight to be loaded
  • Number of weighings


  • Certainty that vehicles are loaded correctly
  • Everything can be weighed and there is no need to drive to one particular point
  • Increases safety by reducing transfers
  • No loss of time due to dynamic weighing with automatic engine speed compensation
  • Enables control of incoming goods
  • Outgoing goods can be accurately weighed
  • Supports producing feed mixtures or other mixtures
  • Loads are traceable

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