RDS Loadmaster Alpha 100

Applicable to medium and large wheel loaders

  • Intuitive, user-friendly, and ergonomic
  • Unmatched accuracy in all conditions
  • Certainty of correct loading of vehicles

The RDS Loadmaster Alpha 100 is a user-friendly weighing system with many uses. The system is designed to perform optimally in demanding environments and on all types of terrains. This allows loading cycles to be carried out even faster and maximizes the tonnage processed per hour.

The system continuously measures hydraulic pressure in the lifting circuit using two pressure sensors. These pressure sensors are corrected using measurements from two angle sensors that continuously measure the position of the lifting arm. This makes it possible to perform the weighing at any height. This obviously benefits the loading speed.

The RDS Loadmaster Alpha 100 also offers user-friendly options for tracking weighing data. This is done using an internal database with up to 8 different reference fields and multiple options in terms of data transfer.


  • Color touchscreen and physical buttons
  • New weighing technology with inclinometers and a mechanical angle sensor
  • Automatic oil temperature compensation
  • Automatic addition of consecutive loads and/or automatic subtraction of the residual weight still to be loaded after entering the target
  • weight
  • Five presettable “jobs”’ for frequently recurring loading tasks
  • Dynamic and/or static weighing function – both with flexible weighing height
  • Multiple calibration memories
  • Fine tuning functionality for calibration
  • Extensive storage options with simple search or reporting functionality
  • XML output of weighing data via USB
  • SQL database functionality


  • Intuitive, user-friendly, and ergonomic
  • Unmatched accuracy in all conditions
  • Certainty of correct loading of vehicles
  • Individual target weight per product/truck/etc. possible
  • Perform multiple different loading tasks simultaneously
  • No time wasted during weighing with dynamic weighing at any height
  • Static weighing possible
  • Truck and trailer are each assigned a dedicated target weight to prevent axle load overrun
  • Weighing can be done with 10 different attachments
  • Fine tuning with a reference weight on the yard
  • Extensive traceability of weighing data
  • Inventory management
  • Easy interaction with client-specific ERP systems

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