Axle load weighing system

Available for all truck configurations

  • Measurement left and right
  • High accuracy
  • Wireless in a wide radius around the vehicle

Our axle load weighing systems are air sprung, leaf sprung, and hydraulic sprung. Or a combination of those. We can assemble the right system for every truck configuration. The axle load weighing system very accurately measures the flexure of all axles. The measured values are converted to axle loads in real time in the sensor units and transmitted wirelessly to the handheld receiver. The wireless handheld receiver shows the axle loads and total weight on a clear display.


  • Measurement left and right
  • High accuracy
  • Available for all vehicle configurations: leaf sprung, air sprung, and hydraulic sprung or a combination of these
  • Wireless in a wide radius around the vehicle
  • Modular construction
  • Unlimited coupling and changing of trailers and semi-trailers
  • Ability to store weights


  • Print option with printer
  • RS232 port available
  • Analog voltage output
  • Control current output


  • On-board axle load weighing system: available anytime, anywhere
  • Manage and control total weight and axle loads
  • Maximum utilization
  • Wireless, so anywhere you need it
  • Each cargo the correct and/or maximum weight
  • Maximum utilization of the payload
  • Prevent fines for overloading
  • No time wasted driving back and forth to the weigh bridge: the weight is available at the loading area
  • Printed receipt available if required
  • Net weight available digitally if required
  • If required, a voltage output to connect to a blackbox, for example
  • If required, a control current when reaching a certain axle load (and/or certain weight) to switch something off/on, like a loading installation

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