Axle load indicator

Available for all truck configurations

  • Measurement left and right
  • High accuracy

With the Axle Load Indicator, you can easily identify axle load overruns. When a preset value is reached (like 90% axle load), the indicator slowly begins to signal intermittently. As the axle load continues to increase, the indicator starts to signal faster.

This continues until the next preset limit is reached, like 100% axle load. From that point on, the indicator continues to signal continuously. This is optionally expandable with a buzzer.

Do you want to know whether or not you are overloaded? Then the Axle Load Indicator is a handy and simple tool.


  • Analog voltage output
  • Control current output


  • Precise overload signaling
  • Simple and clear
  • Prevent fines for overloading
  • If required, a voltage output to connect to a blackbox, for example
  • If required, a control current when reaching a certain axle load (and/or certain weight) to switch something off/on, like a loading installation

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